Saturday, May 21, 2011

Kai-Lan and Thomas Cake Toppers

Kai-Lan and Thomas the Train Cake Toppers

Modeling Chocolate Cake toppers ordered for a joint birthday for a little boy and a girl.

Kai-Lan Cake Topper

Kai-Lan is approximately 3.5 inches tall and made out of modeling chocolate.  I used RKT to shape her head and help with not making it too heavy for her tiny body and she has a 6 inch popsicle stick that runs from the middle of her head and down 3 inches past her feet to stick into the cake.  The birthday girl's favorite episode was the one about a trip to China so I made Kai-Lan in a red and yellow Chinese outfit dusted in red luster dust to look silky.  I love the little yellow knots on the front of her shirt....she turned out so cute!

I've made Kai-Lan a few times before and you can see them here with some additional instructions:  Kai-Lan

Thomas the Train Cake Topper

Thomas the Train was 5 inches long and about 3 inches tall.  He turned out about an inch bigger than what I had originally planned and it was also the very first time I have ever made a train like this.  I started his body out with a RKT rectangle and built up the modeling chocolate layer by layer by layer until I got his shape down perfectly.

He got a dusting of blue luster dust around his body and pearl luster dust around his face to give him a little more pop!  I loved how he turned out....beep beep!

The mother used these to top a sheet cake with.  She said that one of the kids tried to grab Kai-Lan as soon as they saw the cake and got the side of the frosting smashed - it's so nice to hear or see how the children react but what a scare to have one of them actually reach out for it!

Photo courtesy of Tania L.


  1. How beautiful! Especially the Thomas tank. My son would be thrilled with this. How do you manage to create such a wonderful job? Thank you for sharing!

  2. They are just amazing ... You are so talented.