Monday, February 14, 2011

Kai-Lan Beach Themed Cake Decorations

Decorations for a beach themed cake.  I made Kai-Lan and Yeye out of modeling chocolate and everything else is made out of MMF:  Rintoo (Tiger), Hoho (Monkey with sunglasses), Tolee (Koala bear that thinks he's a panda), a Hula Duck, Mr. Sun and his little, tickle-me Sun Fuzzies, Seashells, Starfish, and an assortment of Flowers.

Kai-Lan stands at almost 2.5 inches tall and Yeye is about 4 inches tall.

They each have 1 popsicle stick for support and to also stick into the cake with.  Their heads are made out of RKT (Rice Krispie Treats) since they were very large and needed to be light weight.  I covered the RKT directly with modeling chocolate:  Modeling chocolate is great at filling in all the groves and rivets from the cereal treats.  The tiny features such as Yeye's hair, eyeglasses, eyes and the Kai-Lan's apple printed bathing suit are made out of MMF (Marshmallow Fondant).

Each character was hand cut of of MMF and I used gel colors to paint in the white highlights in the eyes and on Hoho's (Monkey) sunglasses and the brown stripes on Rintoo (Tiger).  I have a tutorial on how to make these cutout characters here (Making Fondant Cutouts).

I loved making these - Ni Hao Kai-Lan is such a cute show and the characters are so adorable!

Xie Xie (thank you)!

Photo courtesy of Doris R.


Anonymous said...

Wow. These are AMAZING! You are SO talented!!

Anonymous said...

I'm self taught and greatly appreciate sites like this as well as cake central. My question is this, when cutting small details out of fondant how do you get clean edges? Mine always look rough.

SugarSweet said...

To get the edges clean, I use a very sharp knife (scalpel) and don't drag the knife but move it up and down to slice the edges off little by little - like millimeter by millimeter (you can dust the knife with corn starch to help it not stick or rub a little bit of shortening on it). Also, don't cut the pieces straight down but rather at almost a 90 degree angle toward the middle (the underside is slightly smaller than the top) - hard to explain but angle you knife in toward the middle of the piece and slice down - this way the side edges are not that prominent. Then pick up the piece and rub your finger gently and lightly around the sides to smooth the edges out.

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