Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kai-Lan Figurine Workshop

This morning I held my first workshop on creating a Kai-Lan figurine using modeling chocolate and rice krispy treats (RKT).  What fun creating sugar art together with others and teaching them my technique.

The lesson plan:
1) How to make modeling chocolate
2) How to prepare and make RKT
3) How to make a Kai-Lan figurine

Adding the little details

 A modeling chocolate figurine on the left, the toy model on the right - perfect!
SugarSweet Students (the 2nd, tiny, figurine from the left is a toy used as a model)
They all did a marvelous job and 3 hours later, I had 3 happy girls each with a Kai-Lan figurine to take home and use as a cake topper...or to just eat up.

Thank you girls!

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