Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chili Pepper Class

Gumpaste Chili Pepper Plant
This month, at the Sweet Arts of Orange County Cake Club, we had a hands on class on how to make a Chili Pepper Plant in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.  The class was taught by John Jennison who is an amazing sugar artist in making realistic and botanically correct flowers.  I was really excited about this since it was also my very first class!

As eager as I was, before we could get started, John showed us how to knead the gumpaste into the right consistency and how to roll out and shape a chili pepper...
John Jennison showing us how to roll and shape a Chili Pepper
Ta-da! The chili pepper
My 2 chili peppers  and 3 little leaves waiting for their next step

Calyx added to the base of each pepper

John showing us how to lightly brush the leaves and peppers with petal dust
After each piece was dusted we assembled them together using floral tape.
And finished them off with a light spray of edible lacquer
The edible lacquer we used is by Albert Uster Imports and called, Lacquer Spray.  It only took a very light spritz of the spray, dried instantly and left a nice glossy finish on the chili peppers - amazing stuff!  

What a fun class and hopefully, if time permits, I'll get an opportunity to take more of John's classes and finally learn how to make some real looking flowers.  At least for now, I have some chili peppers.


Dreams of cakes said...

So cute! I have a friend who really likes chili peppers, I think I this will decorate his birthday cake...

Chris's Gourmet Fashion said...

What fun! I love gum paste, I think it's one of those adult fun things to play with with the excuse that you are enhancing your dishes :) these chilli peppers look so well made. Great job!

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