Sunday, May 16, 2010

Polka Dot Mod Monkey Cake

Such a cute and tiny cake: A 4" round with 6 cupcakes! I made this for my brothers friend whose son turned 1. I had to fix the "2nd" when they came by to pick up the cake and wasn't able to get a picture of it with the "1st" on there - yikes but alas, easily fixed! The cake was vanilla with fresh strawberries and Rich's Vanilla Bettercream (tastes a lot like the whipped cream Sam's and Costco uses...stable and delicious). The outside was covered in Bettercream and decorated in marshmallow fondant (MMF). I usually make fondant covered cakes and covering this one smoothly in Bettercream was a challenge. I may have spent about a half hour just trying to smooth it out perfectly but maybe it was because it was just so small (4") or maybe the Bettercream was too fluffy - not sure but it turned out pretty good. I made all the fondant decorations 3 days prior to allow for plenty of time to dry. I also brushed the backs of each piece with a little bit of white chocolate to help add a barrier between the "wet" bettercream and the "dry" fondant since they picked it up the day before the party and I was worried about the fondant softening up. I hope little Hayden enjoyed his FIRST birthday matched all the "Mod Monkey" party decorations perfectly.

Rich's Bettercream note:  Finding the Rich's products is difficult.  Here is a UK Rich's website with some good information about the cream itself.  Smart and Final carry the Chocolate version.  I was luck to have found the Vanilla at a Cake Supply store far away from me and I may have to make another trip out there soon to grab some more. 


Anonymous said...

I like this cake. I made a cake using the exact same plate as a design.

Mod Monkey Party Supplies said...

Thank you, wonderful job! This was the information I needed to get. This is a perfect cake for my little bro!

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