Serving Sizes and Baking Charts

Table with serving numbers, cups of cake batter, cups of frosting needed for each cake pan and size, cupcakes too. 
Breakdown of serving sizes for round and square cakes 6-16" (based on 1x2x4" slices).

Below you will find these 2 charts as downloadable and printable PDF files.  Over the years from baking for friends and family, I have many notes written across pages in my binder about recipes, the amount of batter and frosting used to decorate every cake, and the number of servings I was able to cut up for guests.  I hope these pretty charts will be useful in your cake decorating journey and provide answers to questions you may have such as...

How much cake do I need to bake?

How many servings will a cake serve?

What is a normal size for a cake serving?

How much frosting do I need to make for cupcakes?

How much buttercream do I need to make to cover a cake?

How much ganache do I need to make to fill and torte a cake?  Visit my post about Chocolate Ganache for additional tips and information.

These are just some of the questions I have been asked and although I do answer these throughout the various tutorials on my blog, the attached charts are a nice, easy-to-read visual for you to refer to.

Be sure to pin, bookmark, or save this page!  Or, better yet, print out a copy for your recipe binder.

PDF #1: Cake Batter and Icing Amounts per Pan Size and Shape contains...

    1. Number of servings per pan size and shape
      1. Round Cake Pans 6"-16"
      2. Sheet Pan Sizes 9x13", 11x15", 12x18", and 14x22"
      3. Square Cake Pans 6"-16"
      4. Standard Cupcakes
    2. Cups of cake batter needed to bake each pan by size and shape
    3. Amount of frosting needed to fill, stack and cover 2 layers of cake, 4" tall
PDF #2: Cake Sizing and Serving Guide contains...
    1. Visual representation of what stacked, tiered cakes look like by size and the number of servings available for either round or square cakes based on 1x2x4" cut slices.