July 5, 2010

Hello Kitty & Friend's Cake

I made this cake for my daughter who loves Hello Kitty but then, it may be all because of me since I grew up loving and owning anything, Hello Kitty.  She was very adamant about having specific characters on her cake:  Tammy (monkey), Keroppi (frog), Pochacco (dog), and My Melody (bunny).  I had made all of the characters except for Tammy through one evening, and when showing them to her the following morning, she asked right away, "but where's Tammy?".  I did get it made that very evening.

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The cake was 2-tier with 9" and 6" rounds, both Strawberry and Vanilla Marbled Sour Cream Cakes, filled with fresh strawberries and covered in Strawberry Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMBC) - it smelled and tasted delicious!  The recipe for the IMBC is posted under the last cake I did, the 80th Birthday Music Themed Cake.  All the decorations were handmade with marshmallow fondant that was mixed with GumTex (Tylose Powder) to help the fondant dry fast and hard.

I traced out each character over a piece of parchment paper and used them as a stencil to hand sculpt and mold each character.  With a little bit of shortening on your fingers, you can rub each piece of fondant as you smooth and shape them (just like when I made the teeth on this denture cake).  Use a little bit of either water or piping gel as glue to adhere each piece to one another.

When ready to add them to the cake, I poked the back of each character with a piece of dry spaghetti (about 2 inches long) at an angle that will point down into the cake - I never use toothpicks in any of my cakes or decorations!  Then, slowly and carefully slide each character to the cake and press it up against the buttercream.  Since the cake was covered in IMBC, I didn't need to add any sugar glue to their backs for them to stick.

Note:  I made these characters 2 days prior so they were still a little soft.  If you make them much earlier, you may want to stick the dry spaghetti into them, or at least make a hole for it, before they dry rock hard.

I finished off the cake with a purple, fondant ribbon around each tier, added about 60 fondant ribbon roses in 3 different colors, and made a fondant butterfly to add right above her name which was dusted in pink luster dust.

I loved the how these characters turned out and Caitlyn was very, very happy with her cake.


  1. very nice thank you for the step by step

  2. YAY! We can leave comments now! I ♥ your work!!!

  3. I know! After 3 months I finally have the comment thing working. Thank you Cake Girl!

  4. Oh wow! Those figures are incredible! I will have to try that technique very soon!

  5. I ♥ Hello Kitty! :) In my pics on facebook I have hello kitty cookies I made one time for my niece.

  6. Your work is amazing. What little or big girl wouldn't love this cake. The characters just jump out. You are a true artist. What a gift God has given you.

  7. a very cute cake & what a great work... thank u for being so generous with tutorials, the more you share the "richer" you will be... cheers,

  8. Hi,Angela.your cake is fabulous.i wonder..do you keep it in the fridge with the characters?is that ok for fondant?i'm newbie for fondant cake.n sory for my poor english :-P. Tq

    1. Thank you Velina. I refrigerate all my decorated cakes especially if they have to be driven - a cold cake is more stable and transports better. Test it out with your fondant, not all work the same. Keeping the cake inside a cardboard cake box helps it not absorb as much condensation too.