Saturday, August 28, 2010

Barney and Friends Cake (and Modeling Chocolate & RKT Recipes)

A Barney, BJ, and Baby Bop cake for little Evan who turned 1 and it turned out so adorable.  Evan loves Barney and although I find him (Barney) quite annoying, after playing a couple episodes to get an idea of what the dinosaurs looked like in detail, my own 3 year old loves him too and requests to watch it EVERY day...oh well!  He does have very catchy songs and the kids love singing along.

The figures were modeled with Rice Krispy Treats (RKT) cereal then covered and molded with modeling chocolate.  I made the RKT without butter and used a little bit of vegetable oil instead:  Using butter will make them go stale quick.  I started these guys 3 days earlier.

Below is the recipe I used for the RKT.  Measurements are approximate since I basically eyed it until I got the right texture.
RKT Recipe (with vegetable oil):
16oz Bag of Mini Marshmallows
12 Cups Rice Crispy Cereal (I crushed it a little bit)
1 Tbs Vegetable Oil
1 Tsp Water

Coat a microwave bowl really well with shortening or vegetable oil.  Add marshmallows, drizzle with water and microwave in 30 sec increments, stirring in between, until all melted.  Add veg oil and stir well.  Add cereal and stir again until incorporated well.  Cover in an airtight container so it stays soft while you make your figures.  If it hardens, just put the amount needed into the microwave for 5 secs to soften it back up again.

This batch was enough to make the 3 dinosaurs, number 1 and a 6" round (4 inches tall)...I had about a cup left over.

Cover the RKT in modeling chocolate.  I used white candy melts and tinted them with a combination of Chef Master Candy Colors and AmeriColor Gel colors.  Instead of using toothpicks, I use dry spaghetti as skewers to help hold each piece to the body.  I let these sit overnight to set and dry before assembling them although you can assembly them right away when using modeling chocolate.

Modeling Chocolate Recipe:
(I prefer to weigh my ingredients, much easier and less clean up)
14oz bag of candy melts or chocolate, melted in the microwave in 30 secs increments, stirring each time, once all melted, add 4oz (weighed) light corn syrup (or 2.6oz measured), stir very little, spread over a piece of wax paper and let sit overnight to set.  When ready to use, break off a small piece and knead until soft again.  Use as is or knead some coloring into it.

The basic recipe is 16oz chocolate to 3oz (measured) corn syrup (4.5oz weighed).  Candy Melts usually come in a 14oz bag, so use a little less corn syrup.  Using more corn syrup will make the modeling chocolate softer, using less, will make the modeling  chocolate harder.

Update March 2011:  see step by step photo's on this post, How to Make Modeling Chocolate

Here are the dinosaurs all decorated and waiting patiently to get on the cake.

For BJ (yellow dino), I stuck his shoes into the sides of the cake, spread piping gel over the tops, then lay his knees over it.  All the the dino's are attached to the cake with piping gel.

They look so adorably happy...and cute =)

The top, 6" tier is actually a RKT rather than a cake.  I just filled 2, 6" round pans with the RKT, let it cool, then covered in buttercream and MMF like you do a normal cake layer.

The bottom, 9" tier is Chocolate Chiffon filled with strawberry buttercream and fresh strawberries.


Vegan reviews said...

This cake is adorable! Great job on the characters :)

SugarSweet said...

Thank you Tanisha! It turned out really cute. The mom said that Evan waved at Barney when he saw it - so cute!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love your work :=)

Cat said...

Hi there! I need to make a number '50' for an upcoming birthday. I noticed the number one you made. I have a couple of questions. When you say the modeling chocolate will dry, does it dry firm to the touch after using it on the number? Can you tell me how to make the RKT recipe with oil so I can make my five and zero ahead of time? Thank you!!
azcat2002 at msn dot come

SugarSweet said...

Cat: modeling chocolate softens as you work with it from the heat off your hand. If you let it sit aside, it firms up and is smooth to the touch but as soon as you start rubbing it, the heat off your hand will soften it back up again....hope that makes sense. It's great at blending in seams. I added the RKT recipe above to the post.

Anonymous said...

After using the RKT to make the forms, did you frost them with buttercream first, or just put the modeling chocolate directly onto them? You did an AMAZING job! :)


SugarSweet said...

Lani: I just added the modeling chocolate directly onto the RKT - no need for buttercream. Modeling chocolate works great at filling in the grooves and still give you a smooth surface.

Cat said...

Thank you for adding the recipe Angela. Love your web site.

Kanga said...

Do you share recipes? I need a good strawberry butter cream! lol

SugarSweet said...

Hi Kanga,

I like making strawberry BC using fresh strawberries. There's a recipe at the bottom of my "Music Themed 80th Birthday Cake" post. I use it when making IMBC and BC. If you want it to look more pink, add a few drops of food coloring:

Anonymous said...

I see how you created a work around for BJ's "dangling" feet in this instance, but how would you create dangling appendages when they can't go directly into the cake? I've used gumpaste and like the fact that they can set up and have bending arms, etc. I hate that they aren't truely edible, though. In my limited experience with MC, I was unable to acheive the same effect. Will I have to use RKT? I was hoping to have a figure with a little less bulk. Any other suggestions? BTW, I discovered this link through soemthing posted on Pinterest and love, love, love your blog! Thank you so much!

SugarSweet said...

I'm guessing, for dangling items, you could maybe use fishing line and something above it to hold it out like how some people stick wires out of cakes with stars or gems on the ends. Not sure of another way. RKT is bulky and if you smash it too much, it gets pretty heavy and defeats the purpose of having something light. Hope you are able to figure out a way...good luck. Thank you for loving my blog =)

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