November 15, 2010

Leopard Printed Hello Kitty Cake

I love, love, love how the cake turned out!  I made a similar one a few months ago for my daughter who turned 3 which was all in pink (and without the leopard print).  With Meilaneeh turning 11, I wanted to make Hello Kitty a little older and found a perfect picture of her over the web wearing boots and with long lashes so I had to recreate her.  The tutorial on how I made the characters can be found here.  I dry-dusted Dogwood Brown and Buttercup Yellow Petal Dust directly onto the cake free hand to create the leopard print:  I wanted a light, dusted effect and not something that would be bright and overpower the characters that I had spent so much time making - hah-ha!

Characters:  Keroppi, Kuromi, Hello Kitty, Badz-Maru, Tuxedo Sam all made in MMF mixed with Tylose to help  it harden and dry faster.

I also made some Hello Kitty Bows that were randomly placed around the cake.  This is how they were made:
Step 1:  Make a triangle
Step 2:  Use a ball tip tool to indent it
Step 3:  Cut off the tip
Step 4:  Pinch the corners together
Step 5:  Repeat 1 more time the add a round piece in the middle.

Finished off the cake with a fondant ribbon around each tier, ribbon roses, and a fondant shaped "11".

9" and 6" round Vanilla Butter Cakes (a very heavy cake!) filled with Fresh Banana Cream Buttercream and Fresh Strawberry Buttercream.

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