June 11, 2011

"Justice for Girls" Monkey Themed Cake

Justice for Girls Monkey Bed Cake

My little niece turned 8 and loves the monkey from the Justice for Girls clothing store and with a sleep over party, I wanted to create the sleepover themed cake with the Monkey.  Her father said she was always laying on her bed listening to her music, so I just had to incorporate that into the design.
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The cake is an 8 x 5 x 3 inch Dark Chocolate Cake covered in Chocolate IMBC - here's a picture of it in the middle of being crumb coated.

Once I covered the cake over with the IMBC, I let it sit in the fridge to firm up while I prepared the bed spread to lay over it.

The cake is decorated in Marshmallow Fondant (click for my recipe)   The bedspread is an 11x11 inch  rectangle (5x8 inch top and 3 inches down on each of the 3 sides).  I used a Diamond Impression Mat to lightly mark the quilted pattern over the fondant, then with a sewing tracing wheel, I lightly scored the stitch pattern over the diamond blocks.  The make the bedding look pillow-soft, I marked each diamond intersection with creases using a gumpaste veining tool.

I then lay the fondant bedding over the cake and smoothed it into place.  The headboard was made 2 days prior to allow time to dry out of MMF mixed with Tylose Powder (GumTex) and it sits flat up against the back of the cake.

Gumpaste Textured Rug Star Slippers b

The added details to the fondant blanket, I added a small round buttons into each intersection of the quilted pattern then dusted the creases and seams with food-grade, pink petal dust.

The texture on the little rug was made by pressing a star piping tip into the fondant, then dusted over with edible lilac petal dust.  I topped them with a pair of slippers for the little monkey.

Justice for Girls Monkey Sleep Over Cake

The monkey is sculped from modeling chocolate.  The head is a rice crispy treat (RKT) covered in modeling chocolate).  Visit my post, How to Make Modeling Chocolate for the recipe and directions.

I loved how the monkey's laying on the bed, listening to her iTouch... just like my niece!  Cute!

Justice for Girls Monkey (closeup1) b

The bow on the monkey's head and the lettering behind her were hand-cut and also made out of MMF (mixed with Tylose) then dusted them with edible Glitter.

Justice for Girls Monkey Bed Cake

The the final touch, I just had to add the banana peel, on the floor beside the bed =)

These hand-sculpted banana's were made to top cupcakes and were about 1-1.5 inches each.  Below, they're dusted in food-grade sunflower and dogwood brown petal dust.

The 4 steps to creating a gumpaste banana (left to right):
1) Sculpt the banana out of yellow gumpaste (here I used MMF mixed with Tylose)
2) Dust them over with a yellow or sunflower petal dust
3) Lightly and randomly, dust them with brown or dogwood petal dust
4) Steam them lightly to set the color for perfect, little, ripe bananas.  It would have been nice to have added some banana extract to them, but I didn't think about it until they were all done.

Here are some of the other cupcake toppers I made, an assortment of Justice for Girls themed hearts, stars, flower blossoms, peace signs, banana's, the the Monkey faces.

Justice for Girls Monkey Cupcake Tower

My sister-in-law baked the Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting and I topped then off with the decorations and finished off the dessert table with some Chocolate Peppermint Cake Balls.  It all came together perfectly!

Justice for Girls Monkey Themed Dessert Table


  1. Wow! The monkey is perfect! It 's very nice your blog, I add me among your supporters ;)

  2. Your niece is a very lucky girl!! You are TRULLY a VERY TALENTED person!!! Thank you so much for giving us such beautiful ideas...

  3. I love all of the little details you put into this. The tiny flip flops are adorable and the banana peel is just the right touch. Using the star tip to give the rug the right texture was a brilliant idea. I'm definitely filing that idea away for future use. =)

  4. Oh my goodness - that is the most adorable little Monkey i have ever seen made from fondant/gumpast. Her little face is just darling. I stand and clap at your talant - well done indeed.
    The whole cake is just gorgeous.

    LOVE IT.


  5. Love the cake.....I am getting back into cakes :) I really missed it, but I couldn't find a fondant that was easy to roll out and wouldn't dry out too fast on me....but now I found one :D oh and i can roll it out super thin too :D Fondarific!!! Now I can try some of your stuff too that takes awhile like the blanket on this cake....wow time consuming but real cute :)

  6. I love this blog, thank you!

  7. WOW! An Amazing monkey cake! I LOVE the little monkey girl. She is so cute. every detail on this cake is perfect.