October 24, 2011

Thomas the Train Cake

Choo choo, here comes Thomas!  An 8 inch cake covered and decorated in Marshmallow Fondant (MMF).  Stevie turned 3 so I used the "3" theme randomly around the cake:  3 pieces of wood for the train track, 3 yellow stripes on Thomas, 3 rocks/boulders, 3 bushy trees, and 3 tiny flowers on each bush.
Although this was the 2nd time making a 3D model of Thomas, he was still a challenge...so many parts to add on to such a little guy - he barely stood at 2 inches.  The inside of his body is RKT covered over with modeling chocolate and I used dry spaghetti painted with black gel colors for the 4 rods that are in the front.  Dry spaghetti and piping gel was also used to secure the puff of steam to the funnel and into the body.

Note:  When making edible treats for kids, try to use dry spaghetti over toothpicks - they will bite into anything...and everything.

I kneaded and marbled 3 shades of brown together to create the mountain and rocks with then scored it all over the place with a ball tool to give it some ridges and cracks.  I also made the mountain stick up over the top of the cake a bit.  Finished off the cake by adding the rolling hills in 2 shades of green, white clouds and trees.

A view around the cake....

I left room on the top for Stevie to add a No. 3 candle


  1. So beautiful!! The way you placed Thomas is so right and so clever!! Bravo once more!! Can you give us a tutorial on how to make Thomas please?

  2. Thomas looks so great! I love the texture on the trees!

  3. Beautiful! Are the hills and mountain also made of modeling chocolate?