Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Painted Curious George Cake

Where have I been?  Life has been busy, very busy that I haven't had time to keep up the blog or do many cakes.  This years resolution (and with it being February already), I'm going to try to post more stuff.  2012 went by in a flash and I'll post a little recap on the few 2012 cakes that were done.  I've also got the painting itch back and started, on New Year's day, to paint a mural along one wall of our dining room.  Although I had originally planned to take a couple days to complete it, it has turned out to be a unfinished project - where has the time gone already!

A couple weeks ago, I got the opportunity to take my painting itch and paint a little cake - at least this one was completed.  The theme was Curious George and with one of my favorite scenes in the movie being the one where he paints the room walls with palm trees, giraffes, and butterflies, I knew it would perfect on the cake and cupcake toppers for a little boys 2nd Birthday.

And how exciting was I to find my cake was picked and featured on Cake Central's Friday Faves (Feb 8, 2013) - giddy as can be!  Curious George is a cutie!

Here is a 360 degree view of the cake, a 6 inch Red Velvet covered in MMF and painted with AmeriColor Gel colors.  I also made 4 dozen Funfetti Cupcakes with matching MMF Toppers.

The inspiration for the cake - A scene from the movie - Curious George's painted wall.


Clarissa said...

This is beautiful! How far in advance do you make you cupcake toppers?

SugarSweet said...

Thank you Clarissa. I make them a couple days ahead (usually start on a Monday or Tuesday) and make the round disks first so they can dry hard by the time I need them. But you can make them weeks ahead of time.

Unknown said...

I love these curious George cake and cupcakes, very colourful and great attention to detail

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