March 11, 2013

Boston Red Sox Cake

Boston Red Sox Cake with fondant logo and wood grain board

A 6 inch Boston Red Sox Cake with a wood grain board (to resemble the wood of a baseball bat).  Although simple, hand cutting the logo and font were time consuming!

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I used a transfer method to get the logo just right that I adapted from Jessica Harris (Maddie's Fashion Birthday Cake) on how she makes perfect stripes on the sides of her cakes.

Extruding fondant rope to make Red Sox Logo for cake

I printed the logo backwards and taped up it inside a sheet protector.  I then lightly rubbed the surface of the sheet protector with shortening to help the fondant stick.  Using a clay extruder (like this one on Amazon), I extruded the red band around the entire logo, the blue outline around the baseball and the red stitches.  Using a tiny bit of water, I attached all the stitches to one another so they wouldn't move out of place (they were very tiny and thin).

Cutting out Red Sox Logo in fondant using piping tips

For the "Boston Red Sox" font, I printed out the letters on regular paper, cut them out and used them as templates to cut out the fondant with.  There were so many angles and curves in the font that it was easier to use various piping tips to cut some of the parts rather than trying to use an exacto knife.  Once the letters were all cut, I lay them in place over the sheet protector template.  I did this a few days ahead and just let it air dry.  

View of the red sox logo on cake

After the cake was covered in fondant, I put it in the fridge for a few hours, removed it, let the cake sit on the counter for a couple minutes to get a little bit of condensation on it then flipped the logo template over the cake and carefully pressed and peeled the sheet protector off.  The little bit of condensation on the cake helped stick everything in place perfectly - I didn't have to mess with brushing water to the fondant to get it to stick.

Baseball bat woodgrain effect on base board of cake made from fondant

With the cake being simple, I wanted to do something creative with the board and thought of a baseball bat.  I made the wood grain board by marbling fondant together then scoring lines with a thin tool and poking some holes in it.  I then brushed it over with a tiny bit of white gel color that I diluted way down with vodka.  It help give the board a white washed look and made the wood grain pop.

Red Sox Cake made with handcut logo an mascot

The entire cake is decorated in Marshmallow Fondant (MMF).  I did add Gum-Tex Powder to the pieces that I used to make the logo with so that they would dry harder and not be too stretchy for when I was cutting them out.

Hope you like it!


  1. This is lovely! Thanks for sharing. You're very creative.

  2. This is so well done! As a native of Massachusetts, this reminds me of home! :)