November 12, 2010

Mad Hatter Hat Cake #2

My 2nd Mad Hatter Hat Cake.  The 1st one was for my niece, this one was for her best friend.  A lot of improvements made from the 1st one; One of the many benefits from making the same cake again - learning what to do better the next time around!

I baked 3, 6" round cakes (each layer was 2" tall) with 5 layers of Strawberry Buttercream filling: Chocolate - Vanilla - Strawberry Sour Cream Cakes.

Here are the 3 cakes stacked.  Through the insanity of working on 2 different cakes at the same time, I did an ganache dam then filled the layers with strawberry buttercream.  NOTE!  Don't do a dam when you will be carving the cake!  It made it very messy and very difficult to cut nice, smooth sides with.  Work on a frozen or at least a very well chilled cake - makes it easier to carve.  The hat is sitting upside down here with a 4.5" circle that will become the bottom base and used as a guide to carve the cake to.
Next, cover the cake with ganache and make the hat's rim.  I rolled out a 9" round circle and lay it over a 9" board that was heavily dusted with corn starch to keep it from sticking.  I then cutout a 4.5" round out of the middle for the base of the cake to sit in.  Brushed the entire rim with chocolate ganache then let it sit overnight in the fridge to firm up with some balls of foil in various spots around the rim to give it some dimension.
Tip:  Using the same size board as the rim helped keep the hat's rim perfectly round and not get twisted or stretched out of shape.

Once the ganache was set and dry, I used the same technique as on the previous cake by using a ball tool to swirl the pattern all over the hat.  Used piping gel to attach the rim to the cake board then placed the cake over that.  The cake was very tall (7") and not very stable so I hammered a dowel right down the center and into the cake board (you can see the cake bulging at the bottom).  I rolled a piece of modeling chocolate and wrapped it around the bottom (around 1/2" tall and 1/4" thick) to give it some extra support.

Making the board was tedious but well worth it.  I was trying to come up with something in the movie and fell in love with the checkered board and had always wanted to make one.  I used a diamond impression mat to cut out the squares and then patched up the pattern directly on the cake board.  Another reason to use a diamond impression mat and to also get perfectly uniform and perfect squares....worked like a charm!

The entire hat and rim was dusted with patches of Dark Chocolate Brown Petal Dust and Avocado Luster Dust.  The little trinkets were dusted with gold, pink, and white pearl dust and the modeling chocolate ribbon was dusted in pink pearl dust and painted with white gel colors.  The stick holding the date is a skewer while the other 2 sticks (black and white) were dried pieces of spaghetti painted with gel colors.  The feather was made out of fondant and dusted in various colors.

I used the Alice In Wonderland font for the name and age.  And made 2 dozen assorted "Eat Me" Petits Fours to go with the Hat Cake.

The "Eat Me" Petits Fours were cut from a Vanilla Sour Cream Cake baked in 10" square pan = 24 pieces each 2.25"L x 1.5"W x 1.75"H.  They were filled with Strawberry Buttercream then covered in MMF.  Royal Icing was used to pipe the white swirls and "Eat Me".

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  1. This is more lovely than the other hat... Great Job! You're an artist! :) The sweeties "eat me" are delicious ;)

  2. AnonymousMay 03, 2011

    this is beautiful! what did you use to cover the petits fours?

  3. thank you. I used MMF to cover the petits fours. Roll out the MMF a little thick so the cake won't show through, brush the cake with a little bit of corn syrup for the MMF to stick to it and smooth the MMF over it.

  4. AnonymousJuly 15, 2011

    How much would you charge for a cake like this

  5. How much would I charge...hmmmm. As a hobby baker and making cakes for friends and family has its advantages and disadvantages. I spent about 14 hours on it and the cakes feeds about 10-12. Depending on what cakes go for in your area and the complexity of the design, they charge anywhere from $5 (for a basic simple cake) per serving to $15+ per serving.

  6. AnonymousJuly 16, 2011

    my daughter is having a mad hatter tea party for her birthday an i like the hat you did

  7. alba andrade cakesNovember 21, 2012

    Hi your work is beautiful, what color ribbon used for the orange hat because I have different.

    1. I made the ribbon using AmeriColor Orange and added a little bit of Pink and Egg Yellow to it. I also painted the hat with Pink Luster Dust to give it the sheen.

  8. You said you cut out a 9 inch rim - but from what? Fondant icing or moulding chocolate? Or did I miss a step or ingridient list somewhere?

    1. I didn't clarify. It's out of fondant then brushed with a thin layer of ganache to match the hat. Modeling chocolate would hold up bettter though.

    2. I didn't clarify. It's out of fondant then brushed with a thin layer of ganache to match the hat. Modeling chocolate would hold up bettter though.