February 13, 2011

Tifa Lockhart Cake Topper

Tifa Lockhart is a character from the Final Fantasy VII video game.  I recreated her out of modeling chocolate and she stands at about 6.5 inches tall.

The most difficult part was trying to get her to look tall, thin and curvy without being too fragile so she would survive the shipment to her destination a few states away.  I started with her legs using popsicle stick in each leg that ended at her hips for support.  I also added a 3rd popsicle stick that started in between the 2 sticks at her hips and went up through her head.  She's entirely made out of modeling chocolate.

I basically built her up 1st in the flesh tone adding the curves and angles then over that, added the clothing.  I dusted pearl dust around her gloves, tank top, and shoes and her cheeks were dusted lightly in pink pearl dust.

As much of a challenge as it was to recreate such a human looking vidoe-game figurine for the 1st time and making it entirely out of sugar, I enjoyed the challenge and loved how she turned out.


  1. wow great job. I'm a self taught baker/cake decorator and hope to some day be able to sculpt. I love your cakes you do an amazing job.

  2. fantastic, I love your work...I just found this your blog and think I will be attached to it for life :))