Sunday, March 13, 2011

Korean Hanbok Dol Cake

A very cute cake for such a cutie, Olivia.  My cousins best friend's daughter was turning 1 and celebrating it with a traditional Korean 1st Birthday Party.  The mom asked for a figurine of her daughter, Olivia over a 6-inch cake while my cousin baked the cupcakes to go with them.  She sent me a couple pictures of Olivia's outfit, a traditional Hanbok dress and hat in silk with flowers and butterflies.

3 inch tall Hanbok Dol Figurine (modeling Chocolate)

Olivia's Hanbok Dress, close up of details on sleeve and Hanbok Hat

I made the figurine out of modeling chocolate and she stands at 3 inches tall.  Some of the details were added in MMF and some in modeling chocolate.   The flowers on her shirt and sleeves were painted in with gel colors and the skirt was dusted in red luster dust to look like silk.

I used a 6 inch popsicle stick and stuck half of it into a 6-inch cake dummy to help with getting the sizing correct then built up the dress to look like the outfit in the photo.

Making the stripes for the sides of the cake to match the ones on the sleeves
The cake was sectioned off with 3 sets of stripes that matched the ones on her sleeves.  I made the stripes separately by color attaching them side by side with a little bit of water over a flat surface.  I then cut each set of stripes down to the height of the cake and attached them to the side of the cake - repeating the pattern 3 times around.

6 inch IMBC covered cake (upside down method)
To get the tall, straight sides with IMBC (ganache or BC), I use the upside down method and you can find more info about it here:

In between each set of stripes, I added butterflies, vines, and flowers to match the ones on her shirt and hat.  The butterflies were made using a PME Plunger and dusted/painted with various colors of petal dust and luster dust.  The blossoms were made using various blossom cutters.  The red/white flower was made using 3 different sized scalloped circle cutters - a larger one for the back petal, 2 medium circles for the middle, and 2 small ones for the bottom that are curling over (a left petal and a right petal).  With no professional flower making knowledge, I improvised and came up with my own interpretation of the flower and painted the petals with gel colors in white and red - they matched the ones on the dress perfectly!

photo courtesy of Stacy C.

Since my cousin was baking 3 dozen cupcakes and to have them match the cake, we got together a few days before and with their help, we made just over 5 dozen butterflies and 5 dozen blossoms.  They were used to top 3 dozen cupcakes with and displayed next to the Cake...Gluten Free Banana Cake with Cream Cheese IMBC. 

Cream Cheese IMBC:  I used my basic recipe for IMBC found here (under the Music Themed 80th Birthday Cake post) but added 1/2 dram of Cream Cheese LorAnn Oil to it.  For the filling, I beat some cream cheese until light and fluffy then mixed some IMBC into it.   I got the recipe idea from Jennifer,  She also shared some really nice tips about making SMBC that you can also apply to making IMBC - I used her method at the very end with adding the butter in with the mixer on VERY LOW and it turned out perfect and was so much faster - I'll be doing this from now on!  See links below...


Anonymous said...

Awesome cake. Really nice detail work.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful details. I love it!

Dragonfly Desserts said...

What a fabulous job you did on the cake. The details are amazing. I can only imagine how long it took you to do! I'm sure it was a labor of love! Absolutely wonderful!

Maxine said...

Now that is just gorgeous
Every detail is just perfect.


Hannah said...

I was the lucky mom who got this cake and let me add that on top of everything else, the cake was made gluten-free and with less sugar and it was delicious! Thank you again for the wonderful cake, Angela, we are saving that figurine for as long as we can so Olivia can see for herself how beautiful it is!

SugarSweet said...

Thank you Hannah! I'm so glad you liked it. Such a lovely outfit to draw so much inspiration from for the design...I LOVE this cake!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Great cake too!

Kelly said...

Hello Angel, My son 1st birthday is coming up, and after seeing your works, I was hopping if you could make a figure for him as well. I actually want to order the whole cake but we live in Bay Area so I cannot order the cake.... what unfortunate... please let me know if you can help us.

SugarSweet said...

Hi Kelly, send me an email (click on my name and then select Email on the profile page).

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