February 19, 2012

Clothing Line Baby Shower Cake

An 8 inch cake made to welcome a baby girl named Gigi.  I just love it when I get free reign to design a cake, they usually end up being my favorite ones and this is one that I have wanted to make for a while - a clothing line with baby clothes.  I made the cake purple with the some low, green rolling hills and kept all the decorations in all shades of pink (except for the tiny splash of blue on the blankie).  Everything is made out of MMF.

For the bib, I used an old cutter that came with 2 tiny eyelets.  When I say "old", it used to be my mothers and I never had the chance to use it until now.  I wasn't quite sure of what to do with the eyelets so I just made up a little flower-like design along the bottom of the bib then painted it over with some pink luster dust (love that stuff)

The lettering is made with the FMM Lower Case Block Alphabet Tappit Cutters Set.   The cutter has the letters on a ruler-like strip and I had to cut out small little squares of the fondant to stamp out each letter one by one.  Roll the fondant too thick and the letters don't come out smoothly along the edges, roll it out too thin and the letters stick up inside the cutter and you have to pick it out with a toothpick that ends up ruining the smooth edges and stretching it...it took a couple tries to get the fondant the right thickness and consistency to stamp out right.  Not as easy as it seems, but then, I haven't used it very much and with some patience and trail and error, it finally worked out and came out nicely.

The clothes are hand cut and the flower blossoms are made by using an assortment of cutters (also  handed down to me from my mother so I couldn't tell you exactly what type of flowers they are for).

For the posts holding up the clothing line, I marbled brown and black fondant then etched some veins down it.  Topped them off with a little bow that I tied out of fondant and made some tiny wooden-looking pegs to hold up the clothes with....so cute!

A perfectly happy and cheerful cake to welcome a new baby girl...Welcome Gigi!