Thursday, March 14, 2013

Los Angeles Lakers Cake

Who loves the Lakers?  We do most definitely, especially with being so near to LA.  This was created for Blake who turned 10 and loved the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.  It's an 8 inch round, Chocolate cake filled with Italian Meringue Buttercream (IMBC) - recipe linked HERE.  It's covered and decorated in Marshmallow Fondant (MMF).

The logo was made using the same technique on my Boston Red Sox Cake (click HERE to see it).

The only difference is the "Los Angeles" font and the dashes around the "Lakers" was pipped (these were just too tiny to cut out of fondant).  In order for the purple piping to match the other purple on the cake, I diluted the MMF with a tiny bit of hot water and mixed it up really well until it was evenly melted.  I then piped it using a #1 round piping tip and a toothpick to help move each stroke into it's proper place as I tried to copy the logo as exact as I could.

Those wonderful basketball achieve the basketball texture I used a #5 round piping tip and punched them one by one around the entire cake.  It took an hour alone to get the texture done - doesn't it look neat!

For the black striping along the sides of the cake, I first impressed the pattern on the sides of the cake using one of those tear drop shaped flower shaping tools (don't know the name for it), used an clay extruder to extrude the black "rope", then smoothed them "into" the impression on the cake so that the stripes were more flushed to the surface rather than protruding way out.

This is the extruder I like using - it comes with a clear acrylic box that conveniently keeps everything together:Walnut Hollow Clay Extruder Set

As for the base board, I was trying to achieve the basketball court flooring.  I cut out the individual panels, scored them with the thin tool to get the wood grain, assembled them on the board, then brushed it over with clear piping gel that I diluted way down with vodka that was mixed with a teeny drop of brown gel color.  The piping gel dries glossy and helps the board resemble the shiny basketball floor quite well I think.

I hand cut the Laker's Jersey's (one purple home jersey and one yellow away jersey) and added the birthday boys age to them using the FMM Tappit Cutter Set.


Anonymous said...

Your cake designs are so perfect. The details are amazing. You must have patience of a saint! How did you transfer the fonts for letter piping (i.e. Los Angeles on the basket ball cake?


SugarSweet said...

Hi NhatHa, thank you. Too bad that patience gets me no sleep many times (I could be up all night working on a cake). There's a link on the blog post that takes you to the Red Sox Cake I did. On there is an explanation on how I transferred the letters. I printed the logo out as a mirrored image (backwards and right to left) and used it as a template. Hope that helps explain it some.

Unknown said...

What do you use for your base board? Thank you p.s. do you have an instagram? :)

SugarSweet said...

Hi Denise - I glue 2-3 cardboard circles together and then top them with fondant and ribbon along the trim. I don't have an instagram for cakes at the moment. I am on Flickr and Facebook.

Unknown said...


Did you decorate the cake board first the placed the cake onto it?

SugarSweet said...

Hi Monica. Yes, I decorate the cake board first. Usually a few days ahead so that it'll have some time to dry. Once the cake is covered in fondant, I place it over the cake board using either royal icing or piping gel as the glue to hold it in place.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I'm new to using fondant and was asked to make a cake for my uncle and since he's a HUGE Lakers fan I thought this would be really nice for him.

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