Friday, February 22, 2013

Korean Hanbok Dol Cake Toppers

I love making these figurines and luckily, I had the awesome opportunity to make 4 of them last year.

Each figurine is made out of gumpaste and stand at 4-5 inches tall.  All the little details on the hat and shirt are hand painted in gel colors and gold luster dust.  I also add pearl dust to the clothing to give the illusion of silk cloth.  To see how they're made, take a look at one of the 1st Hanbok Dol's I made HERE:  My first Hanbok Dol Figurine.

Ci's Hanbok Dol Figurine (June 2012):  My 2nd Hanbok Dol Figurine and custom made to match the little, birthday's girls traditional Korean dress:  She stood at 5 inches tall.  I also made a couple dozen flower blossoms and butterflies to decorate her own cake with.

Maddison's Hanbok Dol Figurine (Aug 2012):  She's a replica of the very 1st Hanbok Dol Figurine I made a little over a year ago but instead of standing at only 3 inches tall, this one is 5 inches tall.

Jenn's Hanbok Dol Figurine's (Nov 2012):  2 Cousins celebrating their 1st birthday together.  Each one was custom made to match their traditional, 1st birthday Hanbok Dress.  Each is 4 inches tall.


Roswitha said...

Great job, the dolls are wonderful!!!

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Unknown said...

These Korean Doll toppers are stunning and beautifully done too

Unknown said...

These dolls are amazing. The details are delightful in everyway.

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